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Sunday, August 1, 2021
Friday, June 11, 2021

Donating blood, an act of true generosity

About the day dedicated to World Blood Donor Day.

Camagüey, Jun 11 - Convinced that their contribution is vital to save lives, blood donors in Camagüey extend their arms, and with it, their hearts, in a completely humanistic gesture ofgenerosity.

Marcos Diosmán Ortega Hernández, Ana Iris Paterson Roche and Fidel Reyes Salvador are just three examples of the dozens of men and women who in the provincial capital assume such a noble gesture.

Journalist Yadira NúñezFigueredo, from Radio Camagüey, spoke with them. (Photos: by the author)

Marcos Diosmán Ortega Hernández and Ana Iris Paterson Roche receive the deserved recognition from the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution for accumulating several blood donations.