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Thursday, July 29, 2021
Saturday, June 12, 2021

Increased efforts in Camagüey to overcome delays in spring planting

Camagüey, Jun 12 - With a predominance of short-cycle crops such as corn, sweet potato and squash, and in a longer period yucca and plantain, in the province of Camagüey there are nine thousand 692 hectares (ha) of the most planted than 10 thousand planned so far, as part of the spring planting campaign, although it increases efforts to overcome current delays.

The total plan is to reach more than 19,000 ha by August, and every effort is being made to update what has been planned, Julio Velázquez Ávila, delegate of the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG) in the territory, explained to the ACN.

Regarding the viands, he explained that three thousand 60 ha have been planted, and the sweet potato with the recent rains is the crop that has been promoted the most since it was one of the most backward, with a real of 342 ha, although they must reach another 217 ha in order to stay current, as projected for this time.

Another of the items are vegetables, which carry a really good pace with two thousand 810 ha, within which the pumpkin is most prevalent, followed by lettuce, the spinach and celery, among others. 

As the main cause of the current delays, Velázquez Ávila pointed out the lack of fuel and the scarce rains in the first periods of the season, from which better results are expected due to the readjustment of the prices of services and inputs for producers, and the possibility that they sell their crops without intermediaries.

The costs of the flight hours for fumigation of the land, electricity and water fell after a study and consultation processes carried out, since initially their rates when modified were increased up to three times, he said.

In this regard, the farmer Jorge VieraManso, from the Renato Guitart CCS, from Camagüey, assured that the new commercialization freedoms is one of the issues that most benefit the producer.

Now they opened the tuning fork for us, we no longer depend only on Acopio, that is very good, that the peasant can sell directly to the population, because this way the crops are no longer going to be lost in the field as happened to us sometimes while we waited because the come looking, he commented.

The implementation of each of the measures approved to strengthen agriculture and enhance food production is a process that is periodically being checked territory by territory by the corresponding governmental and political authorities in order to make the management of producers viable. (ACN) (Photo: File)