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Sunday, September 19, 2021
Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Vehicles assembled by parts and pieces will be legalized in Cuba

La Habana, 21 jul.- Resolution No. 200 of 2021 of the Ministry of Transport (Mitrans), published in Official Gazette No.63 Extraordinary , will legalize the more than 40 thousand vehicles assembled by parts and pieces that exist in the country , especially in rural areas.   

At a press conference, Mario Pérez Ventura, director of the General Directorate of Automotive Transport of Mitrans, explained that the regulation, which will come into force in 15 days, responds to the disagreements of the owners of these vehicles and with it is expected to benefit a sector of the population, in the midst of current conditions that require the use of all possible means of transportation.

Pérez Ventura stated that the resolution provides that for the only time and exceptionally in Cuba vehicles with these conditions can be homologated (motorcycles, tricycles, cars, vans, trucks, buses, minibuses, trailers and semi-trailers), which will pass an evaluation technique in order to demonstrate that they are fit to circulate on public roads.

The good condition of the braking system, the lights, the steering, and based on the vehicle class, the structural characteristics of the means of transport will also be taken into account.

The regulation that establishes the regulations that guarantee the process of homologation of motor vehicles, trailers, semi-trailers, assembled by parts and pieces, or registered, but with transformations, approved before resolution No. 349 of 2019, sets out three stages for the Execution of the procedure:
-First Stage: In the first month of the resolution's entry into force (from August 5 to September 5), a census will be made for those vehicles that did not appear at the previous call.
-Second stage: In the second month of validity of the resolution, the technical review of the registered vehicles with changes and conversions that were not approved at the time for technical reasons will take place.
- Third Stage: From October 5, the homologation of the vehicles assembled by parts and pieces (known as riquimbilis) will be carried out, a process where the commission of the province and specialists participate and that will take place in the Automotive Technical Review plants ( somaton).

According to Pérez Ventura, the owner will present an affidavit about the parts and pieces used in the modifications, "an expedited procedure and that people can write in the same place."

The general director of Automotive Transport told the press that unfit vehicles will have up to six months to make the necessary corrections and homologate them, while if they are declared deficient again, they will not be able to transit.
On the other hand, those who pass are obliged to comply with the technical exam every year, said Pérez Ventura.
The resolution includes the registration of vehicles that have undergone changes and conversions and that are used in the transfer of passengers in some locations in Cuba, from which their owners will be able to opt for the transport operating license and professionally dedicate themselves to that activity.
At the press conference, it emerged that each territory will summon the means of transport with these particularities for the technical review, in compliance with the health measures for COVID-19. (ACN) (Photo: Cubasí)