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Sunday, September 19, 2021
Thursday, July 22, 2021

Term and garage sales in Cuba: two new possibilities offered by the Ministry of Internal Commerce

Havana, July 22.- With the interest of “approving payment methods that contribute to the population's access to offers of durable goods and other items to satisfy their needs, without the intermediation of a financial institution”, the Resolution was approved 98/2021 of the Ministry of Internal Commerce.  

The provision, published in the extraordinary edition number 66 of the Official Gazette, allows the retail sale of selected durable goods, whose prices exceed 2,500 pesos, including furniture, mattresses, bicycles, electrical appliances and other items, to natural persons.

Natural persons must meet the following requirements: be a Cuban citizen with permanent residence in the country, reside in the province where the installment sale is requested, be over 18 years of age, legal and payment capacity to enter into obligations; have demonstrable, fixed and regular income guaranteed; and have honored or be honoring other debts contracted under this modality of sale.

Specifies the document that the natural person presents in the retail establishment destined to the sale of these items with identity documents, certification of the work center of the earned salary, affidavit of personal income taxes (self-employed workers); certification of income by the Labor Directorate or subsidiary of the National Social Security Institute (pensioners or beneficiaries of social assistance).

In the case of students in centers that receive assignments of articles with payment in installments - the resolution clarifies - they present the personal data and commitment of the person who assists them for the payment, and personal data and certification of the ability to pay of a guarantor.

According to the resolution, a maximum interest rate of 2.5% is established on the amount of the article. It is also specified that the customer initially makes a negotiable payment of no less than 20% of the sale price of the item, by electronic or cash payment and has the agreed terms to pay the remaining amount, always within a period of up to one year.

Among other specificities of resolution 98, it is specified that, in the act of purchase, the customer receives the sales voucher and the guarantee certificate. Once the full amount has been paid, the retail establishment issues the certificate of ownership, if applicable.

It is also clarified that the retail establishment, within seven business days prior to the end of the agreed term for each payment, issues a notice to the customer through the agreed communication channel.

Approved the sales of garage

In the same number of the Official Gazette, Resolution 97/2021 is published , which approves the regulations for garage sales as a marketing method . 

On this issue it is determined that the sale is made in garages, portals and other residential areas, which do not obstruct traffic on sidewalks and roads; they can be organized by the territorial authorities in parks and other areas, with the same concept.

It is also established that, to carry out this activity, people do not require a business license or self-employed worker, the items to be marketed are for domestic and personal use, they can be used, pre-owned and new.

Through the garage sale modality, the commercialization of batches of new imported articles and of the national industry, as well as animal skins, precious woods and food, is excluded.

With the new resolution, the permits to carry out the garage sale are granted by the designated office of the Municipal Administration Council, with prior information from the municipal authorities, in a period not less than one week prior to the authorized date.

Permits are granted electronically or in person - the rule indicates - a minimum fee can be charged for the permit, which does not exceed fifty pesos and is taxed on the budget of the territory.

On the other hand, the councils of the Municipal Administration define the days in which the sales are made, hours, residential area or town and maximum duration in consecutive days. Individuals can apply for permission at once for all scheduled dates in a year, semester, or quarter. (Granma) (Photos: Cubadebate and Radio Rebelde)