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Saturday, June 12, 2021
Monday, February 28, 2011

Venezuelan economy set to grow in 2011

Caracas, 28 Feb.- Public and private sectors of the national economy will grow this year, expressed the chairman of Venezuela"s Central Bank, Nelson Merentes, during an interview at a private television channel last Sunday.


Venezuela began a phase of growth after overcoming the deficit of the period 2009-2010, in which was registered a term of economic recession, Merentes said.

“It means, given early indicators, that economy in the year 2011 will have a better performance than in 2010. We began a phase of growth and we overcame recession,” he added.

In other respects, concerning the fact that rightist spokespeople have tried to discredit the figures released by the Central Bank, he said such statements are contradictory.

“Sometimes they say these are disguised, sometimes not. They do not realize the figures are provided by the same professionals, who use the same methods confirmed domestically and abroad.” (rhc).