Cuba, Yumilka Ruiz, International Volleyball Hall of Fame, Holyoke, United States

Cuban Yumilka Ruiz inducted into volleyball Hall of Fame 2023

Cuban Yumilka Ruiz was exalted to the International Volleyball Hall of Fame, located in the town of Holyoke, in the United States, and there are already seven personalities from Cuba.

Previously deserved the high recognition, Regla Torres, who entered in 2001 in the category of female player, Mireya Luis, in 2004, Magalys Carvajal, in 2011, Mirka Francia, in 2019, and Taimaris Agüero in 2021, while in the division of coaches appears since 2025 the legendary Eugenio George.

The outstanding athlete was a member of the champion team in the Olympic Games of Atlanta 1996 and Sydney 2000, and the team that won the bronze medal in Athens 2004.
Yumilka was also part of the team that won the world title in 1998, among other regional and continental crowns.

Along with Yumilka, were honored Phil Dalhausser of the United States, Larissa Franca Maestrini (Brazil), Katsutoshi Nejoda (Japan), Silvano Prandi (Italy) and Shanrit Wongprasert (Thailand).

The award ceremony will be held at the Salon on Saturday, October 21, 2023, and Yumilka is expected to attend as long as the U.S. government's visa process goes smoothly, according to the website of the sports publication JIT. (Text: ACN)

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