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Cuba, wrestling tournament, Spain

Three golds for Cuba in wrestling tournament in Spain

Havana, July 8 - Three titles for Cuba in wrestling tournament in Spain. Alejandro Valdes and Arturo Silot in freestyle, and Milaymis Marin, in women's wrestling, won gold medals in the tournament, held in the Spanish capital.

The booty was completed with the bronze medal of veteran Geandry Garzón in the 74 kg, explained to JIT from the venue Julio Mendieta, head coach of the Cuban team of this style.

"It was a strong event, with many qualifiers for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games," the strategist expressed.

Alejandro Valdes (65 kg) was crowned with three victories, while young Arturo Silot (97) achieved five wins.

In the women's category, Cuba celebrated the crown of Milaymis Marín in the 76 kg.

The Grand Prix of Spain will be the only competition of the women's and freestyle in the final stretch of the Olympic preparation, as they will then fulfill training bases in the Spanish capital and the French town of Clermont-Ferrand. (Text and photo: RHC)

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