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Conditions of the staff of the Camagüey Postal Company improve

Camagüey, February 21.- With an income plan of 76 million pesos for the current year, the Cuban Postal Company in the province is focused on the diversification of services and improving the working conditions of workers in the interest of avoid the current instability of human resources.

Given the decrease in postal services, others are being implemented, such as the opening of printing centers, which between the four existing today in the territory contributed more than eight million pesos last year, reported Juan Carlos Jiménez Leiva, deputy director of the entity.

The rental of transport and leasing to third parties, the provision of technical IT services, the opening of an unloading plant, the sale of merchandise through the QR code and the implementation of the extra box in all municipal capitals will also contribute to achieving the economic purposes outlined for the present calendar.

The manager also referred to the sale of digital stamps and the actions that are currently being implemented to create a virtual store for the sale of own products and those of other entities through consignment.

For the Cuban Post Office in Camagüey, the completion of postman positions is a priority; to do so, it seeks to improve working conditions through the delivery of electric vehicles and telephones with access to data for the constant control of the benefits it provides. staff performs in the communities.

Jiménez Leiva said that one of the main dissatisfactions of the population is the arrival time of the press, caused by the maintenance actions carried out in the country's polygraphy system and the fuel deficit that prevents daily distributions.

Regarding international parcels, the Deputy Deputy Director of the Postal Company in Camagüey commented that thanks to a reorganization in that area, today they are delivered in less than 48 hours after their arrival in the City of Tinajones, and no incidents are reported in the region. extraordinary like exfoliated packages or lost lumps. (Text and Photo: Radio Camagüey)

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