Study suggests celebrity-obsessed people are less intelligent

A group of scientists suggests that people obsessed with celebrities have lower cognitive performance, according to an article published in the scientific journal BMC Psychology.

The researchers chose 1,763 Hungarian adults, from whom they collected data such as their level of education, their level of self-esteem, their current family income and their material wealth.

They were first asked to fill out a scientific questionnaire known as the Celebrity Attitude Scale. Then they had to complete two tests: one of vocabulary, of 30 words; and a digit symbol substitution.

"We discovered a weak tendency to have lower cognitive abilities for those who showed the greatest admiration for their favorite celebrity", indicates the text, after specifying that the results are independent of their educational level or age.

Cause or consequence?

In this sense, the research adds that "excessive behaviors, such as celebrity worship, can possibly affect cognitive functioning, presumably due to the increased focus and energy invested in this behavior that becomes dominant in the individual's life."

However, they detail that it is not clear if the cult of the 'celebrities' is the cause or the consequence of the reduction of cognitive capacity. This attitude, they point out, can function as an "addictive behavior" that requires a cognitive effort to maintain.

"Future studies should seek further support for our suggestion that the cognitive effort invested in maintaining fixation on a favorite celebrity may interfere with the person's performance on tasks that require attention and other cognitive skills," the authors explained Monday. PsyPost portal. (Text and photo: RT)

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