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Easy 2p hack helps to keep flowers fresh for days after purchase

Florists have revealed a clever trick you can do to help keep your flowers fresh for longer - and for a very low price.

Receiving flowers can be lovely, an injection of colour and scent into your home. But things can soon turn ugly when they begin to brown and droop far sooner than expected.

Despite putting them in water, the feeling that flowers are past their best within just days of receiving them can feel like an all too common occurrence.

However, a neat hack requiring nothing more than a 2p piece is all you need to add some extra life to your blooms and keep your bouquet looking fabulous.

The top tip was first shared by flower sellers from London’s famous Columbia Road Flower Market when they spoke to Good Housekeeping magazine - and we tried it out on the Mirror for Valentine's Day.

How can you keep flowers fresh?

Just one of these should be enough to keep your flowers fighting fit ( Image:

The tip says to stick a 2p piece at the bottom of your vase before you fill it with water or add the flowers in.

Be sure to leave the 2p sitting at the bottom of your vase when the flowers are in and this should leave your blooms looking luscious for longer.

They also recommend taking a pair of scissors to your stems and cutting them at an angle. This is because it will create more surface area in contact with the water, allowing them to take in liquid more easily.

Does the trick actually work?

The technique comes tried and tested by The Mirror, where we found that it does actually work.

Pink tulips were purchased from M&S but had already begun to droop when our reporter got them home.

After getting them in a vase they soon started to lose their structure, their stems starting to bend over the vase’s edge.

Then a 2p piece was added to the bottom and the stems of the tulips were cut at an angle.

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