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Puppy smiles at everybody who visits shelter in hopes someone will adopt him

Standing out in a room packed with hopeful rescue dogs can be challenging - but this puppy has come up with an adorable solution.

A black labrador has been smiling at everybody who walks past him in kennels in hope somebody will stop and be charmed by his cheeky grin.

And lucky for Burreaux, his plan paid off.

Burreaux is one of three siblings to have been brought to the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana by director Courtney Wingate, who clocked the eight-week-old dog's smile when visiting an animal control centre.

She name the pups after three Louisiana State University Football players - Burreaux, Joe and O.

A spokesperson from Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana said: "Burreaux came to us from Caddo Animal Control with his two siblings.

"He is active, playful and so sweet. He is the runt of the bunch. We have even started teaching him how to play fetch."

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