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Viral on TikTok: A store owner's curious method of selling cases of beer

Viral videos continue to generate trends on social networks. On TikTok, a user recorded a moment that generated funny comments after telling how he sells cases of beer to his customers. The event took place in northern Peru, but its unique 'technique' has caught the attention of netizens who have already made this February 2022 clip viral.

User @ santosmercedes shared on TikTok the curious moment that already has more than 1.8 million views and more than 55 thousand likes. The video shows how the northern store receives the beers completely empty in an ingenious white box that slides easily, and then give them a new one so that customers can take it without problems to drink with friends.

A method that was curious because it allows you to save on buying boxes and thus build trust with the customer due to the ease of the type of business. “When you buy chelas in northern Peru”, the description of the clip shared on social networks reads that has become a trend in several countries such as Peru, Colombia and Mexico. A video that has even had several comments.

“Even big companies don't have that service hahaha”, “Very good”, “Peruvian ingenuity is unique in the world”, “NASA and the CIA are looking for them” or “Peru doesn't conquer the world because it doesn't want to”, they said after reproducing the singular audiovisual material. These facts do not escape how ingenious the Peruvian can be when he proposes it, in order to grow his ventures.


In case you're not familiar with this concept, a viral video is a video that becomes popular after several people share and like it over the internet through social networks, online services or specialized websites such as YouTube.

The reason why it is shared and 'liked', is because it causes a stir and impact on those who see it or are identified with the situation, this causes them to spread it among all their acquaintances, and these in turn with their close circles and so on until the clip reaches millions of views.

A viral video can have various types of content, ranging from humorous, emotional and even tragedy. Although tragic content can often hurt susceptibilities, precisely these are the ones that get the most views and shares in a short time.


If we type 'TikTok' in the Google search bar, one of the main results that will not be visible will be the definition of Wikipedia. This website points out that this platform, known as Douyin in China, is a social networking service for sharing videos owned by the Chinese company ByteDance.

Although this social network began to gain more popularity in 2019, during the quarantine caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2022, its popularity exploded around the world, as both adults and children were attracted not only to watch and share the content they liked, but also to create it. (Taken from https://www.infobae.com)

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