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Nazca mummies presented as extraterrestrials spark controversy

The Nazca mummies presented in the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico as if they were extraterrestrial beings seem not to be and have unleashed a dull controversy that includes Peru.

There has always been a version that has never been scientifically confirmed that the famous lines from the Peruvian town of Nazca (which can only be seen from the air) are related to occupants of other planets or galaxies.

From there come the two mummies that television host Jaime Maussan presented to Mexican deputies last Tuesday and cited research that was supposedly carried out by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in 2017, to support his version.

But the high house of studies distanced itself this Friday from Maussan's statements about the alleged non-human bodies that he showed.

The response from the UNAM Physics Institute was that the research work it carried out only determines the age of the bodies and in no case do we make conclusions about the origin of said samples.

That statement was taken as a denial to Maussan by including that he does not endorse any use, interpretation or misrepresentation made with the results of his analysis.

He also clarified that the “samples” are of skin and brain tissue of approximately 0.5 grams, the results of which were delivered to the user who requested it.

More precisely, the UNAM stated that, to date, there is no observational or experimental report that offers evidence of life outside Earth or visits from civilizations from other worlds.

Almost at the same time, Leslie Urteaga, Minister of Culture of Peru, pointed out that no scientific entity in her country has indicated that these are non-human remains as Jaime Maussan stated, and warned that there is a criminal complaint from her Ministry against some people who were related to the removal of pre-Hispanic goods.

Maussan showed the mummified non-human beings in two boxes, which, according to him, are part of our evolution, and there he cites the UNAM study whose researchers do not share.

The public hearing in the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico was held with the purpose of laying the foundations for legislation on Unidentified Anomalous Aerial Phenomena, now that theories and visibility of UFOs and extraterrestrials are fashionable.

Participating as guests in that event were Ryan Graves, one of the three witnesses to the UFO hearing in the United States, retired from the Navy, Robert Salas, retired lieutenant from the Air Force, Rony Vernet, an electronic engineer at Petrobras, and Yoshiharu Asakawa, a member of the House of Representatives of Japan.

Likewise, Julio Darwish, from the Association for the Observation of Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena of Mexico, Avi Loeb, astrophysicist and director of the Galileo Project at Harvard, among other experts on the subject. (Text and photos: PL)

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