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López Obrador questions the passivity of the United Nations in the global migration crisis

Mexico City, Sep 22.- The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, reiterated that the migration problem is structural and we must go to its causes to solve it, but organizations such as the United Nations (UN) do nothing.

Asked about the increase in the passage of migrants through Mexico and the latest incidents of boarding of freight trains, he reiterated his opinion that an intentionally wrong approach is being given to a global structural problem due to negative conditions of a socioeconomic system that everyone knows and nothing is done, not even the UN.

The basic issue is that we must address the underlying problems that affect the entire world and he repeated that the UN has become an ornament, a vase, and recalled that in his general assembly last year he proposed addressing the structural problems, combating corruption, inequality, poor distribution of wealth, concentration of capital.

Also, create a fund among all countries, which the richest in the world must contribute so that one billion human beings who live on less than a dollar a day have the right to justice, to life, but what has the UN on that? Nothing!

Why is the migrant crisis increasing? he asked. Because there is not a single plan from international financial organizations, from the World Bank, from the main powers, to help the poorest countries.

However, how much is spent on weapons to wage wars and kill people? They only think about sending weapons to Ukraine. If all that money that is used for weapons, which only favors the war industry and causes deaths, were used to combat poverty, health, education and create jobs, we would not have these problems of the migration phenomenon, he expressed.

What is done instead? Militarize the borders!, and what Joe Biden is doing to increase visas to some countries is good but insufficient, these programs must be expanded, but even so we will continue to insist that the causes be addressed.

To those who pass through here, he said, we try to dissuade them from going north because it is very dangerous, we try to take care of them, so that they do not fall into the hands of coyotes, and we warn them of the risks, we even make it easier for them to stay in Mexico. But they now come with their mental scheme of entering the United States at any cost, he indicated and admitted that it is difficult to stop them. (Text and photo: PL)

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