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Call for unity to demand the resignation of Haiti's prime minister

Port-au-Prince, October 18.- The signatories of the Montana Agreement, a consensus that brings together hundreds of socio-political organizations in Haiti, asked all forces to join the demonstration to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

The Collective of Signatories of the Montana Agreement described the management of the head of Government in the last two and a half years as catastrophic, and considered that the executive needs a change of leadership.

Its coordinators denounced the high cost of living, the situation of the thousands of internally displaced people due to violence and the alleged indifference of the authorities to the misery of the population.

To counteract this situation, the Collective encouraged citizens to demonstrate against the taking of neighborhoods hostage by armed groups and assured that this Tuesday's day, which remembers the 217th anniversary of the murder of the liberator Jean Jacques Dessalines, will be the beginning of a series of anti-government mobilizations.

The protest is scheduled to begin at the Delmas Viaduct, renamed the Resistance Crossing, have a stop in front of the prime minister's official residence and conclude at the Champs de Mars.

Also the Committed to Development party founded by former Prime Minister Claude Joseph announced a demonstration for this Tuesday and reiterated that Henry must leave power. (Text and photo: PL)

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