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Cuban Yuleidys La O repeated his victory in the Marabana maratón

Havana, Nov 19.- The Cuban Yuleidys La O Terrero today repeated his victory in the men’s marathon corresponding to the 37th edition of Marabana, considered the main marathon race in Cuba, where more than 3,100 walkers participated.

For the second consecutive year, La O Terrero won the distance of 42 kilometers (km) and 195 meters (m), now with a time of two hours, 46 minutes and 13 seconds, to be ahead of the Mexican Hidelberto Flores (2:49: 22) and another runner from Cuba, Alberni Clavel (2:53:17), who escorted him to the finish line located in front of the Ramón Fonst multipurpose hall, in the Cuban capital.

At the end of the exhausting test, the double champion was very happy with his victory, especially when days ago he was thinking of competing in the half marathon, but in the end he decided to try his luck again in the longest race and was able to win.

He added that throughout the journey he gave himself courage and strength to continue forward; It was not easy, especially because I did not have much preparation, although I managed to prevail and I feel very satisfied, the runner from the province of Holguín told the press.

My strategy was not to despair, to go at my own pace and close to those in front of the peloton, and then quicken the pace and take advantage as I did, he expressed.

He also referred to the benefit of the start taking place at 6 in the morning, because the sun does not punish them and the temperature is quite pleasant, he said.

Finally, he said he was happy because by winning that race he will receive an invitation to the Berlin Marathon, in Germany, something that is undoubtedly very stimulating, he concluded.

Among the women, the 42 km and 195 m were dominated by two representatives from Estonia, Moonika Pilli and Kaili Ratsep, first and third, in that order.

Pilli dominated that test with a time of three hours, 13 minutes and 10 seconds, followed by the Cuban Danieys Piñero (3:44:21) and Ratsep (3:53:18).

In addition, in the 21 km and 097 m the hosts Milena Pérez (1:21:55) and Francisco Ronnei Estévez (1:06:55) were successful.

Moving on to the 10 km, Meury Melissa Bacallao won for the women (0:38:28 minutes) and Maher Salah Mahroos did so for the men (0:32:11).

Marabana 2023 was specially dedicated to the centenary of the birth of José Ramón Fernández (1923-2019), honorary president for life of the Cuban Olympic Committee.

Likewise, this traditional event celebrated the Day of Physical Culture and Sports, and the 504th anniversary of the founding of the Villa de San Cristóbal de la Habana.

In its 37th edition, of the more than 3,100 participating walkers, some 527 were foreigners representing 47 countries. (Text and photo: Granma)

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