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Israel and Hamas agree to temporary four-day truce (+ Photo)

Ramallah, Nov 22.- Israel and the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) announced today a four-day temporary truce, which will include the exchange of prisoners and a cessation of bombings against the Gaza Strip, both sides announced.

As part of the pact, which will come into force in the next 24 hours, Hamas will release fifty Israeli women and minors, and in exchange, Israel will release a minimum of 150 Palestinian prisoners, including women and children.

For every 10 additional people released by the Palestinian militia, the pause would be extended by an additional 24 hours, according to a statement from the Israeli executive.

Benjamin Netanyahu's government ratified the agreement after heated debates that began last night and ended this morning.

According to the Israeli press, only three of the 38 members of the Government voted against the truce: the Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben-Gvir, and two members of his far-right party.

In a separate statement, Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, also confirmed the truce and exchange and stated that Israel would stop all military actions in the coastal enclave.

In addition, he stressed that that country would allow hundreds of trucks carrying humanitarian, medical and fuel aid to enter its territory.

During that time, Israeli drones will not be able to fly over the south of the Strip and in the north they will stop for six hours a day.

That was a claim by Hamas to prevent the Army from detecting the movement of the militants while they were transferring the prisoners.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, Prime Minister of Qatar, a country that was vital in achieving the agreement, highlighted its importance.

We hope that the cessation of fighting for four days will lead to comprehensive peace talks, he said.

Likewise, the pact authorizes the entry into the Strip, including the northern part, of between 100 and 300 trucks with food and medical aid, as well as fuel. In the same way, the Red Cross will be able to visit the hostages of the Palestinian militias in the Strip.

Israel intensifies attacks before the start of the agreed truce

But despite the agreed temporary truce, which must begin tomorrow, Palestinian authorities today reported the intensification of Israeli bombings on the Gaza Strip, leaving at least 200 dead.

Hostilities continue on their 47th day and medical sources also denounce the possibility of an assault against the Indonesian Hospital, located in the north of the Strip and surrounded by Zionist troops.

For its part, the United Nations (UN), in its daily report, confirmed this Wednesday the evacuation of 500 patients and doctors from the Indonesian Hospital, the scene of attacks and combats in recent days, in a new operation coordinated by humanitarian agencies.

Meanwhile, the commissioner general of the UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Middle East (UNRWA), Philippe Lazzarini, continued to denounce the terrible humanitarian conditions in the coastal enclave, and confirmed the death of 108 members of its staff since the beginning. from the war.

Likewise, the Palestinian agency Wafa reported that in the attacks of the last day two other journalists perished, the reporter Muhamad Nabil al Zaq, killed after an attack against the Al Shujaiya neighborhood, in the east of Gaza City, and Asem al Barsh who died after a bombing in the Al Saftaui neighborhood in the north.

The dead in Gaza are already estimated at more than 4,100, most of them children and women, and it is estimated that more than 6,800 people are missing under the rubble, so the death toll is considered higher. (Text and photos: PL)

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