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Civilians reported injured in Gaza due to Israeli bombing

Ramallah, Nov 23.- Israeli warplanes bombed different places in the south of the Gaza Strip, actions that left numerous civilians injured, reported the Wafa News Agency.

These people were injured after combat aircraft launched projectiles at a family residence in the town of Rafah, the source indicated.

He also specified that targets in the city of Al-Fokhari, east of Khan Yunis, and the Beit Lahia area, where more than eight thousand displaced people are staying, were also hit by bombardments with missiles and explosive devices.

The latest attacks occur despite the fact that the Tel Aviv government and the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) reached an agreement to establish a humanitarian pause in Gaza.

According to local authorities, the intensification of Israeli war actions in the coastal enclave caused around 200 civilian deaths in recent hours.

Since the beginning of the aggression by the forces of the Hebrew country against Gaza on October 7, more than 14,000 people have died in that territory, most of them women and children, while thousands of others have been injured, according to Palestinian medical sources. (Text and photo: PL)

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