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Netanyahu willing to accept an extension of the truce in exchange for the daily release of 10 hostages

Tel Aviv, Nov 27.- The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, announced this Sunday on his social networks that he would be willing to extend the ceasefire agreed with the Hamas movement in exchange for the release of 10 hostages a day. The head of the Israeli Government made the announcement after having a conversation with the President of the United States, Joe Biden.

Netanyahu assured that during his conversation with Biden, in which they discussed the release of the third group of hostages by Hamas, the American president expressed "great emotion" at the news of the release of the four-year-old girl with US-Israeli citizenship, Abigail Idan. "How happy to see her with us. But, on the other hand, how sad that she returns to reality without parents," said the Israeli president, adding that, although the minor does not have parents, "she has an entire nation that embraces her." and [she has] us."

Likewise, the Israeli president revealed that they talked about a possible extension of the truce to release more hostages, ten a day in particular; scenario that he - he assured - "is welcome."

Netanyahu also warned the White House that once the truce ends, Israeli forces will return "in full force" to accomplish their objectives, specifically "the elimination of Hamas," as well as "ensuring that Gaza does not return to the way it is." what was it". "I am convinced that we will be successful in this mission, because we have no other option," said the president, who met this Sunday with Israeli soldiers in Gaza.

For its part, the White House announced in a statement that both leaders discussed during their telephone conversation the possibility of increasing humanitarian aid for Gaza. Likewise, they agreed to point out that the work is not yet finished and that they will continue to be in close contact over the next few days to guarantee the release of all the hostages.

Meanwhile, the president of Israel, Isaac Herzog, spoke with CNN this Sunday about the release of hostages and about a possible extension of the truce if Hamas agreed to release more people. Herzog recalled that the original agreement stipulates an additional day of ceasefire for every 10 hostages released, although the probability of this scenario coming to fruition depends entirely on Hamas' willingness to carry it out.

"It was agreed upon in the original agreement, which has been constantly violated by Hamas," Herzog said, adding that he hoped Hamas would release more hostages.

This Sunday, the Palestinian movement handed over 14 Israeli and 3 Thai hostages to the Red Cross. A few hours earlier, Hamas released a hostage with Russian citizenship. (Text and photo: RT News)

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