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Díaz-Canel calls for more transparency against corruption

Havana, February 12.- Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, First Secretary of the Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and President of the Republic, today asked the Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR), in its confrontation with crime, illegalities and corruption, to defend integrity, transparency and popular participation.

When summarizing in this capital the work meeting corresponding to 2023 of that State body, Díaz-Canel wished its managers and workers the best results of their work in 2024, when they celebrate the 15th anniversary of its founding by the Army General Raul Castro.

In the presence of Salvador Valdés Mesa, member of the Political Bureau and Vice President of the country, and Gladys Bejerano Portela, comptroller general, who presented a report enriched with several interventions, the President stressed that audits have to be felt more strongly in vital resources such as fuel, whose deficit sometimes forces it to be used to generate electricity to the detriment of other economic activities.

He precisely explained that the fight against illegalities, indiscipline, crimes and manifestations of corruption is today together with the strategic battle for unity, political and ideological work and the assurance of economic measures, among the four priorities of the country.

After pointing out that not in all places and work groups there is an open and constant confrontation with these negative manifestations, he stated that if one thing is systematically controlled day by day, it is the State Budget and Economic Plan, so people You have to know if the transformation of your community appears in them.

In this sense, the head of state stressed the importance of transparency and integrity in this battle, in order to involve the people more, to ensure that administrative accountability is effective, which in some workplaces is only formal and is not It explains well to the workers what and how the resources were used.

The First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party specified that popular control must also be present at the community level and in the management of local governments, of the municipal Assemblies of People’s Power.

He also referred to the scope and objectives of the government's projections to correct distortions and re-boost the economy, about which he warned that enemies distort in order to sow distrust and discredit towards the Revolution in the population.

The report presented by Gladys Bejerano, and which prompted interventions from CGR directors and various organizations and provinces, alludes to the deficiencies and challenges in the completion and stability of the auditor staff, in increasing rigor and integrity in prevention and confrontation and innovative capacity from the concept of creative resistance. (Text and photo: ACN)

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