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Actions against Cubana de Aviación are condemned in Argentina

Buenos Aires, April 25.- Intellectuals, unions and newspapers today condemned the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States and the refusal of local fuel suppliers to supply Cubana de Aviación, which caused the suspension of flights to Argentina.

The day before, the airline reported that companies in this South American country abruptly interrupted their service, despite the fact that the company's operations are authorized by the National Civil Aviation Administration of Argentina.

According to the statement, the entities invoked the provisions of Washington's coercive measures.

For this reason, Cubana de Aviación was forced to cancel flights CU360 and CU361 on the 23rd and 24th of this month.

In an article, the renowned journalist and analyst Stella Calloni pointed out that “it is impossible not to analyze that this would indicate that the Argentine Government, which suspended Aerolíneas Argentinas flights to Havana, does not allow Yacimientos Petrolófilos Fiscales to provide fuel to Cubana.”

Thus, the Executive of Javier Milei makes the decision to join a blockade of more than 60 years against the island, a record for a medieval site in the history of humanity, which was reinforced in 1996 with the Helms Burton Law and deepened until suffocating it with more than 250 new measures decided by Donald Trump and supported by Joe Biden, he added.

For its part, the Argentine Aeronautical Personnel Association criticized what happened, demanded the end of the North American siege and expressed its solidarity with Cuba and its Revolution.

In turn, the Central of Autonomous Workers condemned that this nation “complies in a shameful manner to the criminal blockade of the United States.”

We express our repudiation and our unwavering solidarity with the island, the organization noted in its profile on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

Likewise, political scientist Atilio Borón accused Milei of being a lackey of the empire by carrying out actions of this type and others such as consenting to the theft of a Venezuelan plane.

For its part, the newspaper Página 12 warned that the refusal of the supplier companies resonates amid Milei's latest gestures of total alignment with the White House, expressed in the President's recent acts with Southern Command General Laura Richardson. (Text and photo: PL)

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