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International Puppet Festival held in Cuba

Matanzas, May 15.- The city of Matanzas hosts the International Puppet Festival until May 19 on the occasion of its three decades of life.

Rubén Darío Salazar, artistic director of the Festival, considered that in addition to honoring women in the altarpieces, the Reneé Potts and Xiomara Palacio Puppetry Dramaturgy awards will be given to the show for gender equality.

The singer-songwriter Enid Rosales and her guests, Rita del Prado and Rochy Ameneiro, were in charge of the inaugural event, at the Teatro Sauto, where the Hermanos Camejo and Pepe Carril distinction will be presented to Maribel López, director of Guiñol de Guantánamo.

Shows, workshops, exhibitions, theoretical meetings, concerts and book presentations bring together eleven Cuban groups and guests from Canada, Spain, Peru, the United States, Mexico and the Dominican Republic in Matanzas. (Radio Clock) (Photo: PL)

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