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Cuba, Mayabeque, Miguel Díaz-Canel

President of Cuba checks productive centers in Mayabeque province

Havana, July 10 - The president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, today checked production centers in the western Mayabeque province, which contribute to the territory's food production.

The head of state began his tour of the Elio Miguel Valdés Agricultural Production Cooperative, located in the Melena del Sur municipality, accompanied by the Secretary of Organization of the Communist Party of Cuba, Roberto Morales.

This center includes more than 800 hectares, dedicated to the production of sugar cane, various crops and livestock.

As reported by the Presidency of the Republic in its account in X, the cooperative carries out a recovery process that has allowed favorable results in the performance of the grass.

When speaking with the Cuban president, the president of the production center, Yovani Luzardo, emphasized the need to recover sugarcane areas and increase food production.

The second item on the president’s agenda was the Sierra Maestra Productive Pole, dedicated to the planting of various crops, mainly taro, cassava, banana and sweet potato.

This entity produces the beans that reach the basic basket of the Melena del Sur municipality.

During an exchange with the polo workers, Díaz-Canel recognized the results obtained here and allow their marketing prices to not be so high.

“As we have more production we can continue lowering prices,” he stressed.

The head of state also spoke this Wednesday with residents of Melena del Sur, to whom he explained the objectives of the visit, the places visited, the current situation in the country and the recent measures approved to contain price levels.

Since January of this year, Díaz-Canel has made 76 visits to 73 municipalities, covering 195 Popular Councils (electoral districts), 986 work centers, where he spoke with more than 180 thousand people. (Text and photo: Prensa Latina)

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