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Cuban agricultural and forestry workers at the doors of their II National Conference

Havana, Sep 25.- The adversities that the country's economy faces today demand greater prominence from the union along with its members to face the challenges on the basis of commitment and motivation, in order to increase production, minimize excessive expenses on food imports and combat speculative prices that directly impact inflation.

Topics of such magnitude will be on the agenda of the II Conference of the National Union of Agricultural, Forestry and Tobacco Workers (SNTAFT in Spanish), which will meet in Havana from the 29th to the 30th of this month with the participation of more than 150 delegates and guests.

“The event was preceded by the reading and analysis of its call in the more than 8 thousand grassroots union structures and the holding of the 15 provincial conferences, a process aimed at putting our labor groups in accordance with the prioritized objectives that our organization has. organization,” said Néstor Bárbaro Hernández Martínez, general secretary of SNTAF, during a tour of the facilities of the Bacuranao Agricultural Company.

“These meetings - he said - allowed us to evaluate how we have to continue preparing our union leaders in accordance with the current context of the country and that allow us to carry out what will be discussed in the assemblies with the workers.

“We cannot talk about hectares of sweet potato or cassava – he warned – without economic and political preparation to debate with the administration directors in each place what more we can do to promote efficiency even more in these times of scarcity of fertilizers and other resources”.

Regarding integration with research centers, he specified that if science and innovation do not reach the base with the resources we have and we link them to cooperatives, usufructuaries and workers in the field we will not have progress in agriculture.

He considered it essential that the union leaders at the base be part of the daily discussion about the contracting of products so that what was approved in the economic plan is supported by that agreement.

“If we are not able to put what we have committed to on the table of Cubans, we will not obtain results,” he acknowledged after addressing the current deficits and limitations in the production of eggs, rice, coffee, pork and other items.

During the process prior to the event, attention to young people has been enhanced through arduous and profound work in the formation of values, involving them in all the activities of the organization, demonstrating trust in them, an issue in which there are important reserves to be exploited.

Hernández Martínez announced that the delegates to the Conference on its first day will address the internal functioning of the Union; There will be an exchange with the management of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Higher Business Management Organizations to evaluate compliance with the 43 measures aimed at improving the socialist state company and the 63 regulations for strengthening the agricultural productive base, and The main concerns and approaches raised in the process prior to the event will be addressed.

Representatives of union organizations from Mexico, Panama and the Dominican Republic will attend the conclave in whose final session the analysis and approval of the central report and the presentation of the elected National Committee and its Executive Secretariat will be carried out.

For the general secretary of the SNTAFT "a great challenge of the Conference will be not to leave what is discussed and raised there in classrooms, but to materialize the pronouncements of the meeting in the union sections, carry out the committed purposes, produce more and with quality." (Text and photo: Workers)

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