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Camagüey to reverse the effects of the blockade on public transportation

Camagüey, Oct 9.- Public passenger transportation is one of the most affected services in Camagüey due to the economic pressures of the blockade imposed by the United States Government on Cuba, which is why several strategies are projected to reverse the situation and solve the problems.

The US blockade prevents the acquisition of spare parts and accessories in the international market. In such a scenario, the Jesús Menéndez and Ignacio Agramonte workshops in this city work on the recovery of large buses for urban service.

Through the use of science, technology and innovation, both groups are involved in the adaptation of brake pumps, oil filters, screws, engines, block gaskets, among others.

Likewise, other equipment, such as the so-called railway buses for the transportation of passengers by rail, intended for communities with difficult access, have been repaired at the Pedro Soto Alba Combine in the provincial capital.

Despite the limitations, Camagüey transporters use creativity to maintain the vitality of services, in the midst of a scenario where the lack of tires and batteries also affects.

Today the blockade includes a set of measures of aggression and economic coercion, with the intention of isolating the Caribbean nation and creating unrest among the population in its efforts to weaken the decision to be sovereign and continue building socialism. (Text and photo: Gleibis Gómez Durva/ Radio Cadena Agramonte)

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