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In Cuba there has only been and there will be one Revolution


People of Camagüey!

The will to resist of the Cuban people, born on October 10, 1868 with the beginning of the independence struggles, gains strength with each new episode of Yankee barbarism against the largest of the Antilles, now protected by the protective shield of unity, although not without threats.

More than a century and a half separates us from that libertarian clarion call, when Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, by redeeming his slaves and calling for combat, announced to the world that Cuban independence was not a momentary adventure, but the beginning of a fight that became evident. for more than a century.

On the occasion of the centenary of the heroic feat of '68, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro stated " Cuba there has only been one Revolution: the one that Carlos Manuel de Céspedes began on October 10, 1868 and that our people carry forward in these moments.”

Such an axiom keeps this people willing to face contingencies and bitterness such as the genocidal economic blockade that seeks surrender due to hunger, needs and desperation, according to the dark postulates of this illegal and obsolete political monstrosity.

Added to this is the fact of including Cuba in the spurious list of countries supposedly promoting terrorism, an insane decision that has been rejected by much of the world, with examples at the recent Summit of the Group of 77 and China, and in the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

Of course, the global disapproval of the Yankee nonsense has not had the slightest effect on the unhealthy intentions towards the Cuban nation, and although whose arrogance goes beyond all sanity, the mambises of these times remain - in a decisive majority -, committed to continuing the work started 155 years ago.

The uprising of La Demajagua became an incentive to continue in the battle and be sure of victory, a support based on the fact that an integration of struggle and resistance strategically shaped by the ever-present Commander in Chief Fidel Castro has developed here.

Precisely that legacy marks the path to, in the face of the attacks and follies of Yankee imperialism and its lackeys, making the entire people participate in the revolutionary battle and action, a decision in which the ideals of Céspedes, who was the soul of that one, survive. luminous October of 1868, whose radiance bathed the feat of July 26 and the triumphant 1st. January 1959.

The complex panorama that is faced today motivates the due response of the mambisada of these times to promote the fight for food sovereignty, the application of agile dynamics throughout the economic universe and achieve the necessary reflection in the social, irrevocable line of the Revolution.

It is on that front where it is urgent to charge inspired by the Camagüey and Fidelist reasons that assist us, certain that once again victory will be obtained.

As has been stated, the legendary Camagüey and all of Cuba remain in the battle with the conviction of preserving this intense, proud and sovereign island, and of continuing in the Revolution inspired by the infinite Cry of Yara. (Photo: Archive)

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