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Nine Palestinian journalists killed in Israeli bombings in Gaza

Ramallah, Oct 14.- At least nine Palestinian journalists have been killed and around twenty injured in the Gaza Strip since the start of Israeli bombings against that territory a week ago, a sector source denounced.

The Liberties Committee of the Palestinian Journalists' Union warned in a statement that communicators in that enclave face many difficult risks as a result of these attacks.

Among the deceased are photojournalists Mohamed Al-Salhi and Muhammad Fayez Abu Matar; Hisham Al-Nawajha, photographer from Khabar Agency, Muhammad Jarghoun from Smart Media Agency and Haitham Abdel Wahed from Ain Media Media Foundation.

The entity warned that due to the difficulties of movement and communication resulting from the abundance of missile bombardments, their intensity and their spread in many places in the Gaza Strip, the number of injured journalists may be higher than current statistics.

Fifty media headquarters and institutions and about 20 journalists' homes were completely destroyed in the coastal enclave, the text indicated.

The union also reported that numerous Palestinian journalists were injured in the West Bank, where many were beaten and detained by Israeli security forces.

In the West Bank, at least eight cases of shots fired at them are reported, causing three injuries, he stressed. (Text and photo: PL)

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