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United States blockade against Cuba condemned in Hungary (+ Photos)

Budapest, Oct. 20.- The solidarity movement with Cuba in Hungary, as well as political and youth organizations, condemned the blockade that the United States maintains against the Caribbean island.

At the embassy in Havana, Professor Lazsló Kupi, president of the Latin American Association in Hungary, offered a conference on the subject, which was also attended by representatives of Venezuela, as well as personalities and Cubans residing in the country, according to sources from the diplomatic headquarters.

The speaker explained that Washington's policy is a unilaterally imposed act of war in peacetime that has evolved and hardened over time.

Kupi argued that during the Government of Donald Trump (2017-2021), another 243 measures were additionally adopted that are maintained by the current Democratic administration.

He pointed out that the blockade includes a set of measures of aggression and economic coercion, with the declared intention of isolating, suffocating and immobilizing Cuba and creating unrest in its population to weaken their decision to be sovereign and continue along the socialist path, trying to subtract support for the Revolution.

For their part, those present, in various interventions, pointed out that this policy contravenes the fundamental principles of international law. (Text and photos: PL)

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