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Russian State Duma demands end to US blockade against Cuba

Moscow, Oct. 24.- The State Duma, the lower house of the Russian Parliament, made this Tuesday an appeal to the General Assembly of the United Nations, to the parliamentarians of the member states of the organization and to the international parliamentary institutions on the need to put an end to the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on Cuba by the United States in 1962.

Specifically, the document, approved by the Legislature unanimously, calls for condemning the “illegal” blockade and adopting “practical measures” to persuade Washington of the need to end the embargo that weighs on the Caribbean nation, “putting end the pressure on the Cuban people” and “guarantee respect for the principles and norms of international law.”

“The State Duma expresses its strong protest against the flagrant violation by the USA of the fundamental principles of international law, which is manifested in systematic attempts to intimidate Cuba and numerous inhumane actions to deprive its people of resources materials necessary for a dignified life,” reads the text.

The parliamentarians affirm that the blockade “has created a difficult economic and humanitarian situation” in the country, which is “aggravated by the effects of various natural and industrial disasters.” In this context, they point out that these “illegal actions […] endanger the right to a dignified existence of millions of Cubans, harm their health, cause moral and physical suffering, and restrict their ability to receive vital medical care.”

Likewise, they indicate that the North American country's sanctions prevent countries and international organizations from establishing “equitable and mutually beneficial relations” with Havana in the energy, agricultural, health, tourism and humanitarian cooperation sectors, among others.

The document emphasizes that the policy of unilateral sanctions has demonstrated "its total ineffectiveness." "The practice of its application has proven to be incapable of curbing the people's aspirations for freedom and independence," it says. These policies, it adds, “have only prolonged and multiplied the moral and physical suffering of the people.” (RT) (Photo: PL)

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