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Cuban President attentive to floods in the east of the country

Havana, Nov 14.- The president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, reported that he maintains constant communication with the authorities of the eastern province of Holguín, following the heavy flooding in the municipality of Moa.

The president detailed in his account in X that the floods caused considerable material damage, and added that recovery is already underway and he supports the province in what it needs.

The flooding of the Cabaña River surprised the residents of Moa in the early hours of this Sunday, causing flooding and generating significant material losses in various locations.

According to reports from the Cuban News Agency, the hit of water raised the levels of the river to levels never seen before, penetrating practically all the homes in the Ecrin neighborhood.

Both the population and the authorities responded quickly and all residents were evacuated, without loss of life or injuries. The people were transferred to an evacuation center, where they receive care.

The intense rains recorded in the last 24 hours caused flooding in low-lying areas and river banks, as well as landslides in the mountains. (Text and photo: PL)

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