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Globalization and Development Problems debated at the International Meeting of Economists

Havana, Nov 14.- The XIV International Meeting of Economists on Globalization and Development Problems will be inaugurated today in this capital, with the presence of more than 500 delegates and guests, including some 150 representatives from 31 countries.

Oscar Luis Hung Pentón, president of the National Association of Economists and Accountants of Cuba and of the Organizing Commission, stated in a press conference that until Friday the 17th the Havana Convention Palace will host prestigious academics, researchers, professionals and officials from those sciences, to analyze the world's challenges from different perspectives.

The event will be dedicated to Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, the main architect of these events that began in January 1999, the last edition of which was held in 2015 in Panama, which is why expectations are now higher, in the face of a complex scenario characterized by conflict. Russia-Ukraine and Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people.

In line with this, on the 15th, 16th and 17th, the delegates will meet in 18 committees to debate 136 presentations, and among the thematic axes are the challenges of the international economy in times of crisis, multilateralism from its different visions, economic globalization, trade international, trends in monetary-financial relations and international flows.

The pro tempore president of the Association of Economists of Latin America and the Caribbean (AEALC) stressed that as part of the event there will be a student forum, an associated exhibition fair under the name For sustainable development (of MSMEs and companies), and visits to centers of socio-cultural interest, organizations, institutions and economic entities and book sales.

Hung Pentón thanked the financial support and various resources from institutions such as Esicuba and other sponsors of the event, among them the new economic actors, and stated that in the interest of greater foreign participation the event will also take place virtually.

Pedro Rivera, vice president of the AEALC for the Caribbean region, recalled Fidel's active participation in the meetings on Globalization and Problems and Development, since his interventions were master conferences that kept the entire plenary attentive; Today we can affirm how valid his ideas are, his ability to travel to the future, he said. (ACN) (Photo: Taken from the Internet)

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