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Camagüey strengthens the City Chronicles Project

Camagüey, Nov 15.- In a historic town for Cuba, which today looks to next February with its 510th birthday, the specialized Heritage circle strengthens the City Chronicles project.

On this occasion dedicated to the 206 years of the granting of the City title to this city declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Chronicles came as a workshop as an exchange of opinions with members of the Union of Journalists of Cuba.

Although the idea arose with the specialist Martha Hurtado eight years ago, it is Jesmir Varona who brings through her articles the life of Camagüey where the main thing is its people.

With spaces beyond the website of the Historian's Office, radio programs and minutes on local television, CityChroniclesfills me with a lot of vitamins for the soul, according to the interviewee.

Without a doubt, in a city with more than half a millennium of life, there are many stories to tell, and I confirm that people are the most valuable museum piece.

The informative magazine Signs of a Region has witnessed the most varied testimonies.

I like to give priority to women's stories, and I have very diverse anecdotes, for example I made one about the only female train driver in Camagüey, who was not allowed to work due to discrimination, Varona recalls.

For City Chronicles the heartbeat of the former Villa del Puerto del Príncipe is the lifeblood to describe the course of a town admired by lovers of city tourism.

Precisely, the various projects of the Historian's Office also revolve around the beginning of the high tourism season that extends until the first two months of the year.

In February 1514 in the north of Camagüey, in the current municipality of Nuevitas, the Villa de Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe was founded, although it was not until 1528 when the settlement was moved to the banks of the Tínima and Hatibonico rivers to promote one of the most important cultural and historical heritage of the island. (PL) (Photo: Taken from the Internet)

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