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The Party working on the socioeconomic development objectives of Camagüey (+ Audio)

Camagüey, Nov 24.- The defense of the Revolution, with partisan militancy at the forefront, today moves through the promotion of prioritized tasks in the economic and social order, in a context that demands a sense of the historical moment, as the Commander called to apply in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz in the concept expressed on the May1st., 2000.

In conditions of a tightened economic blockade by the United States against the Island and the intensification of the campaign against the largest of the Antilles, it is necessary to demonstrate that socialism can be built and promote well-being for the people, which is why it is imperative to meet maximum objectives. priority, as expressed during the Provincial Plenary Session of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), the member of the Central Committee and first secretary in Camagüey, Federico Hernández Hernández.

He listed among these imperatives the production of food, including the sugar harvest; confronting crime, illegalities and excessive prices; the organization of marketing directly between the producer and the people; energy savings; attention to the non-state sector and social programs; in addition to the quality of services and economic indicators.

“We must be implacable with insensitivity, mistreatment and what is poorly done, and all of this is mainstreamed by the cadre policy and the institutionality, which is nothing more than that each organization takes care of its task and missions fully.”

The meeting evaluated the implementation of the actions derived from the agreements of the accountability of the Provincial Bureau to the first secretary of the Central Committee, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez and the subsequent visit to the province of the Central Committee, with the purpose of advancing in the Economic-social and environmental development strategy, measures to address the current situation, among other issues.

Each member of the Provincial Bureau commented at this Thursday's meeting about the implementation of each of the indications in the spheres they serve, in which it is necessary to increase control, demand and partisan oversight to make aspirations come true. to eradicate problems that affect the people and hinder the progress of the nation.

Hernández Hernández commented that in the complex contemporary context there are examples that daily demonstrate the potential, in a year almost at the end of heroic resistance in the face of adversity and demonstration of ideological strength.

The actions to secure the sugar harvest from political and mass organizations and the Government also focused the debates, and it emerged that the campaign should begin on December 20 at the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes plant and then extend to Siboney and the Batalla de Las Guásimas.

There is an excellent sugarharvest worker atmosphere in the buses; we are going to carry out the people's harvest, with the participation of all sectors because it is moral to comply with it and that activity decides the development, stated the Camagüey leader.

The Plenary also analyzed the unfavorable indicators of the Maternal and Child Program in the province, which urgently require greater control and monitoring of this situation by the structures of the Party as the governing organization of Cuban society, from Primary Health Care to hospital in order to reverse these results.

The role of the PCC's base organizations and the preparation of the cadres to take on the challenges imposed by the current times occupied the interventions, and in this sense the perfect equation is required, in the opinion of Hernández Hernández: “excellent revolutionaries, good people in the order of human values ??and better pictures.”

Likewise, it was reported that the municipality of Camagüey was a vanguard in the emulation for the 65th anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution, based on the analysis of several indicators, in which, however, it is necessary to continue advancing.

The Provincial Plenary of the Communist Party of Cuba ratified the importance of comprehensively addressing the tasks that Camagüey faces in the political, economic and social order, with positive examples that show that it is possible to materialize development objectives with organization, work and mobilization capacity of the people based on such purposes. (Text and photo: Juan Mendoza Medina/ Radio Cadena Agramonte)

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