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Cuba congratulates Iran on anniversary of Islamic Revolution

Havana, February 11.- The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez, today congratulated the people and government of Iran on the 45th anniversary of the triumph of the Islamic Revolution.

Through his account on X, the Chancellor ratified the will of the Caribbean nation to continue consolidating the ties of solidarity and brotherhood that unite both countries.

On February 11, 1979, the Iranian Revolution, also known as the Islamic Revolution, led by Imam Khomeini, triumphed, an action that put an end to the dictatorial regime of Mohamad Reza Pahlavi, in power since September 16, 1941.

The celebration is also a confirmation of the ideals and principles of the nation, which in recent years has been under siege by the United States.

Cuba turned out to be one of the first countries to recognize the 1979 Revolution and since then both States have maintained diplomatic relations, made official on August 8 of that year, and maintained uninterruptedly to the present. (ACN) (Photo: Taken from the Internet)

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