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Israel urges United Nations to evacuate war zones in Gaza

Moscow, February 12 - Israel today asked United Nations (UN) aid agencies to collaborate in its efforts to evacuate civilians from the war zones of the Gaza Strip before its planned ground operation in Rafah, a city on the enclave's border with Egypt that has served as the last available refuge for displaced residents, local media report.

“We urge U.N. agencies to cooperate,” government spokesman Eylon Levy said at a briefing. “Don't say it can't be done. Please work with us to find a solution,” he added.

At least 67 people have died this Sunday as a result of a massive attack launched by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on the city of Rafah.

Meanwhile, several countries have come out against Israel's operation in Rafa. In particular, the United States described its military operations in the Palestinian enclave as “excessive.”

“There are many innocent people who are hungry. There are many innocent people who are struggling and dying. And this has to stop,” US President Joe Biden said last week.

In addition, Saudi Arabia denounced last Saturday that the Hebrew country could cause “a humanitarian disaster” if it carried out an incursion into the city.

Egypt, for its part, is considering suspending the Camp David peace treaty signed with Israel in 1978 if this country sends troops to the area, according to AP reported the previous day. (RT) (Photo: AP/File)

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