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US Senate approves controversial aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan


Moscow, February 13.- The United States Senate endorsed the controversial bill to allocate $95 billion in aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, without including measures to protect the border with Mexico.

With 70 votes in favor and 29 against, the senators gave the green light to the regulations that contemplate an allocation of 60 billion dollars to Ukraine and nearly 14 billion to Israel.

Previously, the bill passed prior approval to be submitted to the final vote, despite the insistence of Republican senators on prioritizing the defense of national borders.

Now, after passing the procedure in the Senate, the regulations will be sent to the House of Representatives for approval, although the president of this instance, Mike Johnson, has already warned that the body will not debate the package of laws that do not include funds for the protection of the border with Mexico.

Experts say the chances of the House of Representatives passing the controversial bill are low. (Text and photo: Sputnik)

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