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Trump will appeal fraud ruling


Washington, February 17.- While Donald Trump announced that he will appeal, New York Attorney General Letitia James celebrated the ruling that orders the former US president to pay almost $355 million as a result of the civil trial for fraud.

After 11 weeks of trial, we show the staggering scope of their fraud and exactly how Donald Trump and the other defendants deceived banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions for their own personal benefit, James said in statements Friday afternoon after sentence.

The court concluded in favor of every hard-working American who follows the rules, it said, insisting that it demonstrated the extent to which Donald Trump, his family and his company unfairly benefited from his fraud.

For his part, Engoron made it clear that the common excuse that everyone does it is one more reason to be vigilant in enforcing the rules and not so that someone can get away with it.

Trump and his lawyers Christopher Kise and Alina Habba attend closing arguments in the civil fraud trial in January.

Former President Donald Trump and his lawyers Christopher Kise and Alina Habba appealed Judge Engoron's 2023 summary judgment that found the former president responsible for fraud, and after what happened they now also indicated that they are already planning to file a claim for that decision.

Kise responded to Engoron's ruling in a statement in which he considered that the court ignored the law, ignored the facts.

The legal representative of the former Republican president stressed that Trump will appeal and remains confident that the Appellate Division will finally correct the countless and catastrophic errors committed.

The appeal could paralyze the ruling in court for a long time, but according to local media Engoron wrote its ruling with a view to surviving a challenge and a claim process.

In addition to the sum he must pay, Trump will be prohibited from conducting any type of business in New York for three years, among other restrictions.

James considered that a historic failure has occurred, while analysts and local media warned that it has been a serious blow to the business empire of the magnate's family.

This Friday's ruling concludes a week in which the former governor spent more time with lawyers than on his electoral campaign.

Trump, the almost certain Republican presidential candidate this year, remains embroiled in a series of lawsuits and countersuits from lower courts to the Supreme Court and in a range of state and federal cases in which he will have to answer for 91 charges. (Text and photo: PL)

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