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Cuba and Russia: friendship and commitment forever

Havana, February 18.- The decision of Russia and Cuba to strengthen the ties of friendship and collaboration, as stated by President Vladimir Putin, when he referred to the solid foundations created by Fidel and the leaders of the former Soviet Union, It constitutes the greatest incentive at a time when both nations face intensified economic and trade sanctions by the United States and some of its allies.

In November 2022, when a monument in honor of Fidel was inaugurated in a square in Moscow, the Russian president and his Cuban counterpart Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez expressed their hope to continue developing relations.

Putin described the sculpture of the Commander in Chief as a true work of art with “the image of a fighter” looking into the distance, into the future, which is present today.

For his part, the Cuban President stated that the sculpture “reflects Fidel's personality in the struggle,” like the one we find today.

When reviewing the 122 years in which Cuba and Russia established their first bilateral ties, the strength of a strategic partnership is confirmed in different areas of importance for both countries.

The support of the Russian Government and people today is notable for development projects in various sectors of the Cuban economy, such as energy, transportation, tourism and biotechnology, among others.

Meanwhile, Cuba strongly opposes the application of sanctions against the Russian Federation in all international forums, and rejects the hypocrisy, double standards and manifest aggressiveness of NATO's actions and discourse in this regard.

It is worth remembering that the history of cooperation and union that exists between both countries was defined in 2018 by the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, who assured that "our peoples are traditionally united by ties of friendship, affection, mutual respect and solidarity support." .

During a visit to Moscow in 2018, Díaz-Canel assured that “Russia is an endearing country, a brotherly people whose relations go back many years.”

It is a friendship that is time-tested and loaded with many symbolisms, which consolidated its greatest strengths after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution. (Granma) (Photo: Revolución Studies)

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