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Cuban President received the Foreign Affairs Minister of the Russian Federation

Havana, February 19.- The president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, received today the Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Serguei Lavrov who is making a working visit to the island, as part of his Latin American tour that will also take him to Venezuela and Brazil.

When welcoming him at the Palace of the Revolution, headquarters of the Government, the Cuban president described the Russian foreign minister as a true friend of the island, and thanked Lavrov and the Russian Federation for the sensitivity shown to the difficulties of the Caribbean nation.

Díaz-Canel highlighted the special significance of the ninth visit to the country of the head of Russian diplomacy, who in a few days - he said - will celebrate 30 years at the head of that important portfolio of the Eurasian government.

He also highlighted the presence, along with the chancellor, of an important and large delegation from that ministry, which has held fruitful meetings with its Cuban counterpart, an expression of the continuous strengthening of bilateral relations, said the Antillean president.

After the dialogue of almost an hour with the President of Cuba, Lavrov declared to the press that they made decisions to strengthen economic, commercial and investment cooperation, and reviewed the legal aspects that support it.

Likewise, they evaluated the supply to Cuba of oil and its derivatives, fertilizers and other resources necessary for the country, while exploring Russian opportunities to expand its businesses on the island, the diplomat declared.

He also advanced the prospects for joint collaboration in the tourism sector, supported by the growing number of vacationers from the Slavic country who come to this destination, the use of Mir cards here, and the possible expansion of direct flights between Moscow and Havana.

He also commented on the excellent relations between both nations, based on historical ties of friendship and cooperation, which are very evident today in joint projects in the cultural, sports and educational spheres.

He highlighted that both countries share common positions on issues on the international agenda, in defense of the UN Charter and against unilateral and illegal sanctions, among which is the United States blockade of the Antillean island.

We will continue to denounce this policy at the United Nations (UN), where it has the almost total rejection of the international community, Lavrov remarked.

Previously, the Russian Foreign Minister met with his counterpart, Bruno Rodriguez, to whom he ratified his country's support to continue demanding the elimination of Cuba from the unilateral US list of countries that supposedly sponsor terrorism. (PL) (Photo: Cubadebate)

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