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Maduro denounces intensification of campaigns against Venezuela

Caracas, February 27.- President Nicolás Maduro denounced a resurgence of campaigns against Venezuela that try to damage the image of the country, when it is headed to presidential elections this year, with a date yet to be defined.

During the broadcast of his weekly television program Con Maduro + from the northern state of Anzoátegui, the president pointed out that these actions are promoted by the United States in complicity with the national extremist opposition.

The intensification of campaigns, false positives, fake news and dirty war are due to the impossibility of winning the elections and therefore imperialism and the extreme right are trying to damage the image of the Bolivarian Republic, he indicated.

They started a campaign to say that our people are all criminals, he asserted.

Maduro affirmed that no candidacy of the extreme right and imperialism can beat any option of the Bolivarian Revolution and affirmed that this campaign is an advanced move by the enemies of Venezuela.

At this Monday's press conference, the first vice president of the United Socialist Party, Diosdado Cabello, denounced a large campaign against the Venezuelan demonym in the United States and other countries.

The political leader expressed that the crusade is thanks to the opponents Julio Borges, María Corina Machado, Leopoldo López, Leopoldo Castillo and Alberto Federico Ravel who continue to aspire for us to give them the resources.

Last week, the Minister of Information and Communication Freddy Ñáñez denounced the repetition of a media campaign against Venezuela, which directly affects the migrant population.

The sector vice president of Communication, Culture and Tourism also cited media such as the Voice of America, which he described as the spokesperson for the White House, and with paid posts and a swarm of bots and right-wing influencers, they intend to inoculate a dangerous matrix of opinion.

He declared that this fallaciously links Venezuelans with armed gangs operating in the United States.

The new wave of xenophobia is accompanied by an implicit threat from the empire that since Barack Obama's 2015 decree (2009-2017) has sought to stigmatize Venezuela, he indicated.

Ñáñez expressed in another message that we all know that criminal sanctions are the main cause of migration.

We know well the faces and surnames of those who requested them at the time and those who continue to defend them despite the damage they do to our people, he noted. (PL) (Photo: Taken from the Internet)

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