Camagüey, Base Business Unit (UEB) Urban Farm, flag, National Vanguard

Camagüey Urban Farm: reaping successes and recognitions

Camagüey, May 15.- For its outstanding performance in 2023, the Urban Farm Base Business Unit (UEB) of the municipality of Camagüey was awarded the National Vanguard flag for the third consecutive time.

This team achieved the highest production recorded to date, harvesting more than 52 thousand tons of vegetables, representing almost half of the province's total production.

Despite restrictions on fuels and lubricants, UEB staff generated income of more than 38 million pesos, allowing the distribution of profits among its members.

Idael Bencosme Ramírez, leader of this productive entity, expressed his satisfaction and reaffirmed his commitment to redouble efforts to further improve results.

During the ceremony of handing over the National Vanguard flag to the Camagüey Urban Farm, Yamisleidy López, general secretary of the Cuban Workers' Central in the province, congratulated the group and urged the workers to dedicate themselves even more to increase the collection of food. (Text and photo: Radio Camagüey)

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