Cuba, Havana bookstore Fayad Jamís, volume Where poetry nests, photographer, Roberto Chile.

Image and poetry nest in Cuba behind the lens of Roberto Chile

Havana, May 14.- On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Havana bookstore Fayad Jamís, this Friday the volume Where Poetry Nests will be presented, which shows the keen vision behind the lens of the Cuban photographer and audiovisual director Roberto Chile.

The institution, located in the Historic Center of the city, will open its doors to a dialogue in which Chile, the essayist Rafael Acosta de Arriba -author of the prologue and one of the texts- and the journalist and critic Fernando Rodríguez will delve into the work, the result of a close collaboration between the visual artist and 20 Cuban poets.

According to Acosta de Arriba, the author's genetic idea has involved us in the adventure of dialoguing with a peculiar book and as we look through it, we wait, again and again, for the new image and the new poem, and thus, we continue until the end, through the enigmatic and exciting path of poetry.

Along with the snapshots, the poetry of essential figures of Cuban culture such as Marilyn Bobes, Víctor Casaus, Nancy Morejón, Víctor Fowler, Alexis Díaz Pimienta, Miguel Barnet, Alfredo Zaldívar, Waldo Leyva, among many others, emerges.

Under the Ediciones Bachiller label, the volume compiles in its pages the poetic flight of these authors with the creativity and talent of the audiovisual director to give us more than image and poetry, art.

Where poetry nests, it becomes the abode of those readers with the sensitivity to appreciate in each of its pages the magic that surrounds photography and the captivating power of letters. (Text and photo: PL)

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