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Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, Camagüey, Guáimaro

Cuban President visits areas of economic and productive interest in Guáimaro

Camagüey, June 8 - The President of the Republic and First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, visited the municipality of Guáimaro on Friday to evaluate the implementation of the development strategy for 2024 in the territory.

Accompanied by the secretary of organization of the CCPCC, Roberto Morales Ojeda, he exchanged with workers of economic and productive objectives where the delegation was able to verify the plans to diversify lines and increase productive standards.

At the basic commercial unit Las Mercedes, belonging to the Rectángulo company founded by Fidel, he verified the projections to improve yields.

The entity focuses on diverse crops, seed procurement and livestock breeding. The company recovers livestock areas that were lost and begins to promote the breeding of bulls, sheep and rabbits, and works on the development of pastures. With 35 workers, the company boosts the cultivation of cassava, plantain and sweet potato.

The delegation, accompanied by the highest authorities of the Party and the Government in the province, visited areas belonging to Camagüey Geo-mining Company, which has the Jacinto gold mine in this territory, and were able to confirm with the industry leaders the institutional management implemented to organize and make the best use of the extraction of the mineral, as well as the attention to the personnel working there, which achieves encouraging results even with a lack of supplies.

During the exchange, Díaz-Canel also learned about Camagüey's ample and promising mining capacity, which in addition to gold includes chrome, with a mine in operation, nickel reserves in the San Felipe plateau, and other resources, as well as non-metallic minerals such as zeolite, quartz and different variants offered by limestone.

The preparation and start-up of this deposit improved living conditions in the surrounding neighborhoods, where it has become a source of employment, while the improvement of roads and the revival of the settlement is a source of satisfaction for the more than 1,000 people living in the area.

The President also visited the Museum that recreates the country's constitutional history. This place has special relevance because it was built right where 155 years ago the signing of the first constitution of the Republic in Arms took place.

During his first visit to the site, declared a national monument in 1982, the First Secretary pointed out that it is a space full of history where the democratic principles that today mark the Cuban nation were first defended and also because of the significance given there to the work of Cuban women in the Revolution with the memory of the figure of Ana Betancourt.

He also pointed out that this is a very beautiful municipality that must be taken care of because there is a lot of history, it is a charming place and they have to defend it as the Mambises did.

Regarding the positive examples of work, he pointed out that “everything we are recovering and doing, we have to do it with the concept of sustainability”. (Text: Carmen Luisa Hernández Loredo/collaborator of Radio Cadena Agramonte, photos: Alex López/TV Camagüey, Morales Ojeda's Twitter and Radio Guáimaro)

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