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Science and education debated in Cuba

Havana, June 10 - Cuba is finalizing details to host the 3rd International Congress of Science and Education from June 17 to 19, at the Convention Palace in Havana.

The academic event will be held virtually and in person, and more than 300 delegates from 15 countries are expected to attend.

According to the general director of the Central Institute of Pedagogical Sciences, Silvia Navarro, this new edition will be an opportunity for scientific meeting and debate on education, science, culture and sports at an international level.

Navarro declared to the press that the exchanges at the forum will have a comprehensive approach to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the goals of the 2030 Agenda.

It includes keynote and thematic conferences, panels, round tables, workshops, colloquiums and pre-congress competitions. (Text and photo: RHC)

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