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Cuba, PCC, food production, crime control

Cuba: PCC plenary session to analyze food production, crime control

Havana, June 24 - Food production and crime control will be on the agenda of the 8th Plenary Session of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), to be held on July 5 and 6, Granma newspaper informed on Monday.

Granma reported that the meeting will also analyze issues such as prevention and confrontation of corruption, crime, illegality, and social indiscipline, which threaten our people’s social welfare and achievements and require the conscious participation of all.

These fronts are affected by the tightened economic, commercial, and financial blockade of the United States against Cuba, and its consequences end up on the prosperity of our people, the newspaper stated.

The publication also stated that those issues are described by the country’s leadership as national security. Stability guarantees the national life’s gradual recovery.

At the plenary session, the Political Bureau of the PCC Central Committee will also report on its management since the previous meeting, as a sign of the principles of democracy and transparency that characterize our revolutionary process and the Party organization as the vanguard of society, the text noted. (Text and photo: RHC)

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