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Radio Cadena Agramonte emisiora de Camagüey

Camaguey, Cuba, Culture, Week of culture, arts, and crafts fair 500

The feast of the craft returns to Camagüey

As one of the most attractive and coveted of the Camagüey´s Culture Week is credited the Craft Fair 500 , with representation from creators of all provinces of the country.

The silverware, jewelry, footwear, clothing textiles and ceramics, with extensive presence in this meeting, confirm your acceptance annually on this feast of the crafts that welcomes each year the Cultural Complex Recreational Casino.

In each iteration, the sample is distinguished by its originality. In this occasion, new pieces of furniture and home affairs, in addition to a striking stand dedicated to ornamental plants.

Thus celebrates the ancient city of Camagüey means another anniversary, from the complicity of the Culture and its public, ready to enjoy the artistic creation in its various manifestations. (Digital Editorial) (Photos: Rachel Garcia and Alfred Avello Pestano/JOURNALISM STUDENT)

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