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Cuba, Viñales Valley, Nature, Cultural Landscape of Mankind, Biological Diversity

Viñales, natural Olympus

The Viñales Valley, paradisiacal charm, has emerged as a privileged site for the natural enjoyment, which may put at risk the safeguarding of its landscape and ornamental exclusivity.

Especially pleasant by the harmony between the valley and the village, Viñales Valley was declared a National Monument in 1978, a Protected Area in 1998, Cultural Landscape of Mankind in 1999, and categorized as a National Park in the year 2001.

This combination of life forms and their interactions with the rest of the Viñales Valley, has made it a favorite destination of nature, without forgetting that its wealth depends, to a large extent, of our actions and collective responsibility.

Protect the biological diversity of this spot, emblematic of the Cuban geography for its special attraction and wealth, it is necessary to present and future generations, in order to treasure with pride its legacy and natural essence. (Digital Drafting) (Photos: Rachel Garcia)

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