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Front of Las Villas: a site to live the History

"If we want to express how we aspire as our revolutionary combatants, our militants, our men, we must say without hesitation of any kind: to be like Che!" If we want to express how we are the men of the future generations, we must say: to be like Che! If we want to tell how we wish that they will educate our children, we must say without hesitation: we want that they are educated in the spirit of Che!

This 2018 would be the 90 birthday of Ernesto Guevara, our Che, paradigm of the Cuban youth and the world. More than one site in Cuba recalls the heroic guerrilla, among them, the front of the Villas, in the community of Manaca Ranzola, in the Escambray of Villa Clara, where filed from November to December 1958, the column 8 Ciro Redondo of the Rebel Army, led by him.

There are, as evidence, a huge mural that recreates the route of the bearded from the Sierra Maestra to the Escambray, a monument to the martyrs of the homeland, a sink that reminds the forging of this important front guerrilla, and a sculpture of Che, the man as to that I aspire to be. (Photos: Rachel Garcia Aguilera)

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