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Camagüey from the sacred altitude of its cathedral (+ Photos)

By Yusarys Benito Deliano \Radio Cadena Agramonte.

It was necessary to go up to the viewpoint of the cathedral of Camagüey. Once above we forgot the fatigue and dizziness that the stairs caused us as we went upstairs. We breathed and filled with satisfaction a city was shown with almost 505 years old, just as beautiful but closer to heaven.

At the top, people who were in love made of the church a place for love as well and they embodied their names to record their feelings under the divine blessing. The photographs were not made to wait, on the lens; the dissimilar churches robbed the prominence between the muddy roofs by the legendary tiles.

From the religious edification built in the early 18th century, the novel architectural designs that play with ancient works can be seen. The streets seem close and the cobblestones far and protestant before the decision to opt this time for the heights.

 We were there, in the temple that the Pope Francis granted the title of Basilica Minor in 2014, dedicated to the Virgin of the Candelaria, patron saint of this city, with part of its historical center declared World Heritage Site.

 It is Camagüey people’s luck and a possibility for outsiders to enjoy the wonderful view that Camagüey offers from our cathedral. (Photos: César Alejandro Moreno Lezcano/Journalism Student)

The cathedral is located in the Agramonte Park and in areas of the major parish church of the old village Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe. It was rebuilt in 1617 with a new location defined with a lateral square, the main façade to the west and the presbytery to the east, the present position of the sanctuary.

The huge bell tower is the most eye-catching characteristic of the church dedicated to the patron saint of the city.

From the point view, different churches of the big city and the red muddy roof tiles, symbol of colonial architecture are observed.

The old and contemporary constructions are lost in the labyrinth made by narrow and winding streets.

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