Camagüey, Cuba

Camagüey Zoo: a place for spare and entertainment

Located near the Hatibonico River and the Juan del Toro stream, adorned by the Casino Campestre trees - the largest urban park in Cuba - the Camagüey Zoo is one of the favorite spaces for local and foreign visitors to have healthy spare time.

The zoo has about 400 species of high value, which for their wide diversity, and for their endemic and wild status, can be appreciated by the public in an environment very close to the natural one.

Carnivores, rodents, reptiles and birds make up the fauna of the Camagüey Zoo Park Complex, belonging to the Cuban Zoo Company, a recreational facility that now shows a renewed image.

Thanks to its staff, there is an untiring will to promote in the population the culture of environmental preservation and animal care. (Text and photos: Alex López Almaguer / Radio Cadena Agramonte)

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